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100 female characters

Okay so muzzy_olorea did this a few weeks back and I felt I had to take it as a challenge so here I go. 100 Favourite female characters. It has taken me longer than I thought to get it all compiled.

1. Abby Lockhart

Abby Lockhart was my favorite character of all time in ER. I loved watching the progression she made from the beginning to the end. I only wish she didn't leave or the series ended.

2.Addison Montgomery
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice

How great a character is Addison Montgomery? She is amazing. She may have flaws but she gets the job done. I wish I was like her.

3. Sarah "Mac" McKenzie

Sarah "Mac" McKenzie was one of the first really strong female characters I had seen in a while on tv. Especially in a mans world. Was so glad when she and Harm got together.

4. Olivia Benson
Law and Order SVU

Olivia Benson is one of the women I would definetly want in my corner in a fight. She is so strong even through everything that is thrown at her.

5. Rachel Green

My favourite Friend. She was beautiful, funny and full of life.

6. Peyton Sawyer
One Tree Hill

It's sad she is no longer in the programme any more. I loved her broodiness, drawing and music skills. Her hair was excellent. Why did you leave P. Sawyer?

7. Lorelai Gilmore
Gilmore Girls

How could you not like this character? She was everything that every girl wanted as a mother and a best friend. If only she was real.

8. Donna Moss
West Wing

She worked so hard and I was so glad when she finally got what she deserved by the end of the show. The job she deserved and the man.

9. Kirsten Cohen
The OC

Another one of those characters that you just wish was your mother.

10. Callie Torres
Grey's Anatomy

She is a fun character. I really enjoy when she comes on screen, I know she'll either make me laugh or cry.

11. Samantha Spade
Without a Trace

The pic doesn't reveal my true shipperness of this character. I much preferred her with Martin and in the end Brian but I liked this pic of her. Samantha was another of those strong willed characters that I strived to be like. (Failing miserably)

12. Denise Sherwood
Army WIves

(Third from right) She is a character that we have watched grow from being the quiet naive army wife into a strong woman with her own careeer and had her personal struggles but ahs got through them.

13. Kate Todd

(Far left) She was such a great character, I am just sad that they killed her off.

14. Olivia Dunham

Now I wouldn't like her job, even if she does get to work with Joshua Jackson, but what a character she is.

15. Sydney Bristow

(Front) She was amazing, what abilities she had. If only I could be like her.

16. Betty Suarez
Ugly Betty

She is just fun.

17. Morgana

18. Christina McKinney
Ugly Betty

(left of pic) I love her because she Scottish and brought the word Numpty to the Americans.

19. Satine
Moulin Rouge

Who wouldn't want to be able to sing and dance like that. (and snog Ewan McGregor)

20. Catherine Muller
Sum of all Fears

(Right of pic) In Sum of all Fears she is amazing (and kisses Ben Affleck)

21. Kat Ellis
The Wedding Date

(Left of pic) She is just great

22. Stella Bonasera

(Right of Pic) She is so strong. ANd her hair, I would kill for it. (Though not her)

23. Lindsay Monroe

(Left of Pic) We have watched her go from rookie to married mother through highs and lows.

24. Stella Bridger
The Italian Job

25. Dana Scully

26. Diane Russell

27. Calleigh Dusquene
CSI Miami

28. Catherine Willows

29. Carol Hathaway

Who wouldn't want to work with George Clooney like that?

30. Christine Dia
Phantom of the Opera

Singing lovely songs is what it is all about

31. Elphaba

Idina's finest hour. She should really be higher in the list but I forgot.

32. Mrs Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith

33. Amy Gray
Judging Amy

34. Sydney Hansen


35. Arizona Robbins
Grey's Anatomy

36. Lana Lang

37. Brooke Davis
One Tree Hill

38. Maid Marion
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

39. Temperance Brennan

40. Nico Reilly
Lipstick Jungle

(Left) Why did they take this fab show off the air. I miss this character.

41. Queen Amidala
Star wars The Phantom Menace

42. Lily Van Der Woodsen
Gossip Girl


43. Sara Tancredi
Prison Break

44. Claire McLeod
McLeods Daughters

45. Stevie Hall
McLeods Daughters

46. Jodi Fountain
McLeods Daughters


47. Rachel Armstrong
Home and Away

48. Steph Scully

49. Susan Lewis

50. Jessica Angell

51. Sarah Church
LA Doctors

(Far Right)

52. Kate Standish
Flying Doctors


53. Zoey Clemmons
L.A Law

54. Kelly Taylor
Beverly Hills 90210/90210

She is great in both

55. Olivia Kendall
The Cosby Show

She was just too cute

56. Hope Brady
Days of our Lives

57. Bridget Forrestor
The Bold and the Beautiful

58. Alice Alden

59. Meredith Grey
Grey's Anatomy


60. Charlotte King
Private Practice

61. Hilda Suarez
Ugly Betty

62. Claire Bennett

63. Niki/Jessica/Tracey

64. Eowyn
Lord of the Rings

65. Vicki Vale

66. Libby Kennedy

67. Maureen Johnson

68. Lyla Novachek
August Rush

69. CJ Cregg
West Wing

70. Abigail Bartlett
West Wing

71. Sarah Walker
Brothers and Sisters

72. Monica Gellar

(Second Left)

73. Vesper Lynd
Casino Royale

74. Ziva David

75. Abby Sciutto

76. Allison Cameron

77. Sarah Davis
Raising Helen


78. Carol Claus
The Santa Clause 3

79. Violet Sandford
Coyote Ugly

80. Kate Mullen

81. Isabel Kelly

(Top LEft)

82. Sarah Lewis
Forces of Nature

83. Emily Lindstrom
Little Secrets

84. Amy Abbott


85. Debra Barone
Everyone loves Raymond

86. Mandy Hutchison

87. Summer Hathaway
School of Rock


88. Alex Russo
Wizards of Waverly Place

89. Brenda Walsh
Beverly Hills 90210

90. Kelly kapowski
Saved By the Bell

91. Shauni McLain

92. Sally Owens
Practical Magic


93. Mel Silver
Waking the Dead

94. Jane Penhaligon
Cracker (UK)

95. Jodi Sawyer
Center Stage

96. Claudia Joy Holden
Army Wives

97. Abbie Carmichael
Law and order

98. Ursula Stanhope
George of the Jungle

99. Evie Elliot
House of Elliot


100. Holly Golightly
Breakfast at Tiffany's


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Nov. 17th, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Loved reading this. Glad that Kate Todd is so high on your list! So glad that you like Arizona too. She's really won me over. Love that Kim Raver is now on Grey's Anatomy as I loved her on 'Third Watch'.
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