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It's been a crazy few weeks.

Life can get crazy if you know what I mean. February has always been a busy month for me with birthday's and such going on but this month just got crazy. We started the month nice and sedately but then the last two weeks have been crazy.

Two weeks ago was my father's 60th birthday. It was also my uncle Drew's 60th and no they are not twins. My uncle is my mum's only cousin on her mothers side so they grew up like brother and sister. He also happens to have the same birth date as my father, weird or what? Anyway we had been trying to organize a sophisticated birthday dinner for them. Needless to say it went off smoothly and we all had a lovely time. 21 of my dad's closest family and friends were there. My gran was there too but I ended up taking her home earlier than the others because she was tired. (She is almost 94) Later on in the evening we were all getting ready to go. My dad had organized a taxi to take my aunt and uncle home.(Not the same uncle that was celebrating) I had collected them but was certainly not taking them home again. My aunt had got progressively more drunk as the night wore on. Anyway, the taxi didn't show and we couldn't get a hold of any company to take them so we ended up taking them. She was so drunk she can't remember how she got home. And when she got out the car she bashed her head on the door and didn't even notice. How drunk must she have been.

Last Friday I celebrated my 30th birthday. Yes my father and I have birthday's four days apart. I knew my husband had planned something as there were too many secret conversations between him and my mother for there not to be. Anyway I worked the whole day, getting lovely presents from the children I watch and from others. My husband came home from work and told me at 6.45pm that I had to get dressed as his father was picking us up in half an hour. he had organized a surprise party for me. How great is he? I am not a big one on surprises so that was why he told me just before we went. But what a night we had. All my friends in one place, we almost all. We chatted, danced, sung and had lots of fun. I also drank alcohol for the first time 18 months so needless to say think i had a little hangover the following morning.

Speaking of the following morning, we had a wedding to go to all day. Didn't feel like going, but it was a nice day.

Also we were without internet for three days. it killed me.


I know, I'm a bad LJ friend

I go on and on about getting better at writing on here more often and here it is eventually. Life has been hectic and wonderful and tiring all at the same time.

Work is keeping me really busy now. Having six children to look after makes it a tiring week. (Okay so two of them are at school and I only see them at holiday times) But even so, four children is just as hard work. The eldest of them has just turned two and has started potty training. We had or first success today. Lots of cheering and such went on. It the middle one's 1st birthday tomorrow and we are having a small party at the toddler group we go to. Am about to go and make a cake. Not entirely sure what to put on top.

February is a bit month in our family for birthdays. And this year we have big birthdays as well. My dad and uncle turn 60 so we are having a dinner for them. Looking forward to it. Then four days later I turn 30. David has something planned but not sure what yet. I just don't feel like I am thirty. I still feel 21 most days. David has been pestering me to what i want but I really don't know. I have everything that I want so what do I ask for. David's birthday is also in february, four days after mine. And that is just the close family, that isn't including aunts, uncles, cousin's and friends.

Anyway I mentioned a while back that i really liked the musical Wicked. It's official I have become obsessed. I have the CD in the car, I play it while I am on the computer. I have it on my i-pod for when I am out walking. The music constantly plays in my head, I think that is maybe the sign that i am listening to it too much.

Watched the movie No Reservations the other night. I am not a big Catherine Zeta Jones fan but I liked her in this. I love little Abigail Breslin and she made me cry justa few times through this movie. I'd recommend it.

Okay and I am really hating the writers strike now. I know I live it the UK but not getting my weekly fixes of Bones and Private Practice is really getting to me. I have One Tree Hill, which the adorable Jackson Brundage is in, but it isn't the same without Booth, Brennan, Addison and co. I am enjoying the new season of One Tree Hill. In the first few episodes when Nathan had his long hair and beard he reminded me of how I think Jesus would look.

Okay enough for now so I can go make a birthday cake. Will try and write again soon.


Happy Belated New Year to all.

How bad am I? I said I was going to do this post ages ago and here I am finally getting around to it. Life has been pretty hectic for me mind you so I hope you will all forgive me.

Christmas was a blast. I loved it. Especially the last week run up to it. Lots going on. I had been ill for the first part of December which sucked big time. But gradually got better. i worked through it which was probably not the best thing to do, but when you are self employed it's hard. For every day I am off, I don't get paid. Anyway, Abs and Lottie finished school earlier than most others so I finally got to see them. It's been hard, from seeing them every day to only seeing them once in a while. I mean seeing them in December was the first I had seen them since October. They were so happy to see me as well. We had such fun, especially with our pyjama party we had on the Friday night. Watching movies and eating popcorn, always a good way to spend a Friday night.

Other big news is that I joined our church choir. I have been asked for years and never done it. But before Christmas I though about it some more and decided that now was the time to go ahead and do it. I am enjoying it and even did my first harmony part on Sunday past. It was scary but I managed it.

Christmas day was busy, we had to spend time with both sets of parents. So we did lunch with David's mum and dad and dinner at my family's house. Lunch was nice. Just party food and lots of pressies. Dinner was a tad manic but fun. The children make it that way. Anyway present wise I got lots. (I only asked for one thing, the dirty dancing two disc special edition dvd, i got it) David bought me a new i-pod nano, which I love. My mum and dad bought me a sewing machine. I have been going on about one for a while so finally got it. David's parents got me a new handbag and cardigan which I love. Spoilt rotten I was. we had such a nice day and if I can work out how to put pic's up i will post a few from the day with my niece and nephew. They had a blast. Especially when Doctor Who came on. My nephew is a tad obsessed.

New Year was fun as well. We went to our friends new house and had a lovely evening with everyone. I had been workiing and was a little tired but it was nice to all be together. I worked right through Christmas and New Year. Only having the 25th and 26th and the 1st and 2nd off. I don't mind, I do love my job.

So much going on in the start of this year as well. So many big birthdays to celebrate this year. So we are planning already.

MEME snagged from

4 movies you can always watch
- Moulin Rouge
- Sound of Music
- Dirty Dancing
- Wedding Date

4 towns you lived in
- Blantyre, Scotland
- Hamilton, Scotland
- London, England
- Manhasset, New York

4 shows you like to watch
- Bones
- Private Practice
- Grand Designs
- CSI (any of them)

4 websites you visit daily
- Tiscali
- Fanfiction
- Facebook
- Celebrity Baby Blog

4 favorite foods
- Christmas Dinner
- Pizza
- Chocolate
- BBQ Ribs

4 places you’d like to be now
- New York
- Jamicia
- In Bed
- On a Beach

I tag 4 people:
Mis_tee, NetteLJ, Kcohen, Muzzy-olorea

Promise I will do my Christmas update later.


Merry Christmas to all

I am sorry for being a bad LJ friend this last month but was quite ill at the beginning of the month and subsequently put me back from doing everything including christmas shopping so haven't had much time to post on here. I will get better in the new year i promise and I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have a good time whatever you get up to.

Happy Holidays Everyone.


Okay, I cried

I did I cried at this weeks Private Practice. The end scene between Addison and Naomi made me cry. It's been a while since I cried at a tv show and I have to admit it was a great scene to cry at. I am loving private practice so much. Between that and Bones the end of my week is set. It generally takes a day each to download so I get Bones on a Thursday morning(Sometimes a wed afternoon if I am lucky) and Private Practice on a thursday night. Don't watch it till a friday though. But next week, no Private Practice, what am I to do. And Bones, Oh My GOD!!!! How amazing does next weeks episode look. Can't wait.

Manic Monday

Had a decent weekend, although the remembrance day service I was at wasn't up to much. I think it's because I am so used to one type of service. I wasn't in my own church. I started to help with the Rainbow's in another church so had to go to the service there. but it didn't feel much like a service of remembrance.

Anyway, today instead of having two children in the morning and two children in the afternoon, I had three this morning and one this afternoon. The little girl i look after in the afternoon's mum was going on a in-service training course so asked if I could take her in the morning instead. Sure I said. She normally arrives at 7.30am if she is coming in the morning, but this morning she arrived at 7.07am. I was still in my PJ's and lying on the sofa watching the news. Needless to say was a little bleary eyed. Got over it and ended up having a particularly good morning which doesn't happen very often.

Just getting ready to go to dance class, though I can't be bothered. (It's the same feeling I get every Monday evening. I end up enjoying myself when I'm there)


Okay so I have decided to try and post every day or every other day for a while and see how I do, since I can be such a bad LJ friend.

Had a big treat watching Ugly Betty last night. My new favourite musical Wicked was in it. Now I haven't seen the show but I have the soundtrack and i think it is amazing. Was just so happy about it last night. (Husband thought I was a bit mad)


Celebrations all over Glasgow

How excited am I? Glasgow has just been named as the city to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games./ I only wish i was in the Fruitmarket in Glasgow as the atmosphere in there looks amazing. YEAH!!!!! Go Glasgow.