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Oh My GOD!!!

Just how long has it been since I updated, I know almost even week. I updated th day before I got married and now, ince I got married thign have been manic. I always seem to have time to read but not to write, so with the afternoon off work I thought I would give you an insight into my newly married life.

Going back almost seven weeks, my wedding day was amazing. It was supposed to rain all day and it didn't. The sun shone, causing much delight to many including me. The day started early with the hairdressers, drinking champagne while getting my hair done. Very elegant i must say. back at my mom and dad's house thigns were goig well, My miec and sister in law were there, my mom was getting her make up done but my maid f honour was yet to show. SHe had a problem at her hairdressers but not a problem she showed in plenty of time. The photographer arrived while we were stil all running around like headless chickens.

Managed to get dressed and get some photo's taken before the photographer went to the church. My mom and dad had conspired with my M-O-H and she ahd called up the request hour on Classic FM to get a request played for me. It hadn't been played by the time the cars arrived. So they were ready to leave whn my veil fell off. Anne came back to fix it when the request weas played. it was too freaky.

Anyway the day went swimmingly from then on. The day was so nice that all the children attending got to run around while photo's were being taken and by the time they got in for dinner, theyw ere ready to eat and sit down.

I danced the night away but then again it was my day. David and I couldn't believe how quickly the day went.

Our honeymoon was super. One week in Jamiaca, with sun sun and more sun(well apart fromt eh three thunderstorms) There was so much to do but just lying on a sun lounger watching the world go by was just fien for us. We did do one trip though. We went to Dunns River Falls. If anyone has been to Jamiaca and done this they will know how much fun and scary it can be. It was amazing tow alk up this waterfall, no harness, safety gear nothing, just a huge line of people holding hands walking up rocks in rubber shoes.

As I mentioned at the beginning it has been manic sicnewe got back. i went straight back to work and feel like i ahven't stopped sicne. We got a nice surprise coming back, our bathroom had been finished for us which was a huge weight off our minds.

Back at my work and nursery and schools are just finishing up for the summer break. Abby the eldest I look after finishes nursery tomorrow before starting school in August. She "graduated" last week and I got to go to the cermeony and I ahve to say I had a little tear in my eye. It was just so strange to see her up there getting her school tie when it feels like only yesterday i was changing her nappies/diapers.

On Sunday night david and I went ot the Symphony. The RSNO(Royal Scottish National Orchestra) were putting on the Lord of the Rings Symphony and it was amazing. What more we got the leaflet about Nicola Bennedetti playing in october so i am hoping to go and see her. Think she os wonderful.

My niece had her dance dispaly on monday and it was so sweet. She is only three and seeing her dancing up there was just tos great. She was on time with her movements and dance steps, even better than the big ones sometimes.

Okay I think that is me caught up now. if there is anythign else I will post again soon. It really ahs been too long.


Well I moved back home today. Finished house sitting and can't wait for Monday to get back to work. They arrive home on Sunday. I've missed them a lot. more than I thought.

Anyway you might ask if they aren't home till Sunday why am I home on Friday? Well tomorrow I am going to a wedding. One of David's uni friends is getting married and we got an invite. David told me two days ago that we are going to the full thing. (I mean two days to get ready, ARGH) Only joking. I have had the dress for ages and have just been waiting on the perfect opportunity to wear it. Not trying to blow my own trumpet or anything but it's an amazing dress and I look great in it. (David hasn't seen it yet so I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow)

Also am hometo see if I can cure my insomnia that I have developed. Every night this week i have been awake really late, sometimes until three in the morning. Wednesday night was the worst. Was still awake at 4.20am and then the next door neighbours alarm went off at 6.45am. Had a busy day yesterday as well. David and I finally signed for our mortgage. Then I met with my best friend(who is more like my older sister) for lunch. We hadn't seen each other in an age and sat chatting and before we knew it we had been sitting for two and a half hours. So maybe the busy day did it but last nigth I conked out at midnight and didn't wake until 9.40am this morning. Don't have that luxury tomorrow though. Too much to do before we go to the wedding.