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"It's Alive."

I know you might ask, who is this person, i've been absent from LJ for quite some time now but with facebook i often forget I have this. I do miss posting on here mind you so I am going to try, I am not promising anything this time round.

SO it's almost summer. Wish the weather would decide whether it is going to be good or not. I am desperate to be outside and doing lots of fun things. Need to desperately loose weight and because we can['t get out walking I am using the car way too much. But the school holidays are coming up so maybe we can get out more then.

Getting ready to go away on holiday, we are headed to Italy for 10 days. 10 days on Lake Garda with my entire family. Now that is lovely I hear you say but 10 days in a caravan with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, who have seperated , just down the way, it's going to be an interesting holiday to say the least. Must admit i am looking forward to it though. 4 weeks tomorrow till we go.

Would you believe my little Zoey is almost 2 and a half. Where does the time go. Have just signed the form to say she is starting nursery/pre-school in January. Can't believe my little baby is ready for nursery already. She is a hoot. So independent and cheeky and lovable.

Work wise I am back to being very busy again. I love my job but somedays I just wish for quiet.

TV wise - have just watched the season finale of CSI, and heard the news that Laurence Fishburne isn't returning next season. I am glad in a way. Never really liked him. Hoping it has paved the way for Grissom to come back, I can dream.
Fringe is another that I am loving. Am about half way through season 3. It's getting exciting. Hopefully get to watch another episode tonight.
Glee, I know I am a big kid. The music is just fab though. (Zoey loves their version of Empire state of mind and Billionaire)

And I have to mention Britain's got talent. I never watched any of it but whenever there was a mention in the paper of someone that was good I would watch the youtube video. I love, love loved Jai. His version of Anthem was amazing. I had only ever heard Kerry Ellis's version of it but his was amazing.

Copied from Tracey and Jo (bag Meme)

1. Bag - One of my favourites. I have always been known as bag lady as I love handbags but when I find one that i really like I use it a lot. It wasn't an expensive one, it came from Next but i love it because it carry's loads.

2. Bottle of Water - I always carry a bottle of water with me in case I forget Zoey's juice cup. She'll happily drink from this type of bottle as well but doesn't like flavoured stuff so this works.

3. Glasses cleaner - I never take my glasses off(well except for going to bed) so I carry a cleaner with me all the time, cleans away the finger prints from little children and much more.

4. Safety pin - You never know when you'll need it.

5. Various bobbles and ribbons - Zoey has a habit of pulling ribbon and bobbles, so I invariably end up with them in my bag.

6. Body Spray - again you never know when you'll need it.

7. Make-up bag - I am not a big make-up wearer but I always carry it with me. I do like to wear it but during the week when working with children it's not always possible to put it on.

8. 2 Purses - Big purse carries everything but the small silver one has a lot of change in it.

9. Zoey's bank book - Took money from her `account the other day to buy her a new dress for Easter. Haven't got it yet so still have the book and the money in my bag.

10. My Phone - Wouldn't be without it.

11. Hairbrush - Like my phone, i couldn't be without it.

12. Money wallet from Christmas - I still haven't spent all the money I received at Christmas, so I carry it with me in case I see something i want.

13. Junior Choir CD and Sunday's Order of Service - The Junior Choir that I help run is performing this Sunday in the Church and our organist wasn't at Church last sunday so i took the girls myself but needed the CD with the music on it.

14. Tickets from the Nicola Beneddetti Concert that David treated me to for my birthday - It was a fabulous concert and complete surprise.

15. Zoey's colouring in from Creche - She isn't really into drawing and colouring yet )She is only 15 months ) but this is the first pic she did at Creche so had to keep it.

16. (Though not numbered) Pen and numerous Zoey pics - You can never have enough pens in your bag, and the Zoey pics well to me they are precious.


Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope that Santa is good to you all and you have an amazing time.

Our little reindeer

100 female characters

Okay so muzzy_olorea did this a few weeks back and I felt I had to take it as a challenge so here I go. 100 Favourite female characters. It has taken me longer than I thought to get it all compiled.

100 female charactersCollapse )


01. If you'd like, comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.

02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

Cleaninggirl picked these

I loved the symbolism in this one. the small hand holding the finger with the rather large ring on it. The word precious being for both the baby and the ring.

I miss Lipstick Jungle and I loved the three characters. They worked so well together and i sometimes wish that my friends lived closer that i could have that relationship with them.

It's Debra Messing's eye but to me it looks like something that should be in Wicked. I just loved the colours.

My obsession with TV really comes to force here. I love the characters of Brennan and Booth and Believe that one day they would get together so here's hoping.

I love McLeods Daughters and when Alex and Stevie got married I thought WOW!!!! Liked this pic that celebrated that fact.

I love Addison and how she is with children. This was one of my favorite Private Practice episodes with Bat-Girl and Kate walsh played it perfectly. This pic is just one of the many great ones.


I am so bad at this

I promised earlier int eh year that i would be good at posting this year since having Zoey and it hasn't turned out hat way. BAd, bad, bad me!!!!!!! Anyway here is an update finally.

All is going well here in the land of me. It's been a busy year, but a fun one, occasionally I have wanted to run away from work but without work, I wouldn't have my mad hectic life. Workwise is mad but I am loving it. I have two new boys though have had them for a while now. The little one celebrated his second birthday last week and starts nursery this week. He is such a little character. SO funny and mischevious. HIs big brother is 4 and loves the TV. He is a good help sometimes but other times not so much. Still have my little girl every morning and my little boy at the end of the week(which makes the end of the week very busy) and also have one off because his mum is on Maternity leave at the moment and when she returns to work I will also get the baby too. All of that and Zoey on top. Madness.

Speaking of Zoey she is now 9 months old(where does the time go). She is amazing. Crawling so fast everywhere. Trying to stand, saying a few words, being pretty. Just being an amazing child. We took her last week to Proms int he Park and even when we got there I was still a little dubious as to whether it was going to go well. It was completely out of routine but we thought we'd give it a go. We got there at 7.30pm the concert started at 7.45pm. Sitting in the middle of Glasgow green at night with a small baby, it works believe me. Nicola Benedetti was the big act this year and was desperate to see her as I think she is amazing. She started playing at 8pm when we started feeding Zoey her nighttime bottle. by the time Nicola had finished playing Zoey was sounds asleep and slept the rest of the night. She didn't even flinch when the fireworks went off. (Bodes well for Nov 5th)

So we had another big first the other night too. She slept away from home for the first time. She went to my mum and dads for the night. Wasn't too sure how I was feeling about it but knew she was in great hands. We went out for dinner and to the pub woth our friends who we haven't been properly out with for a while. It was great and getting to sleep in yesterday morning was great but by the time we got to church I was desperate to see Zoey. But yesterday was so busy I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with her. But then that is the advantages of working form home. I get to spend the day with her. Okay I think I have rattled on enough now. Will try and be better at updating in the future. Having facebook is what spoils me though. I am addicted to it.

Wow has it really been that long.

I can't believe that I haven't written in so long but then my life has gone from being pretty easy to being a little hectic all thanks to a little bundle we lovingly call Zoey. Zoey was born on December 15th, weighing in at 7lbs 1oz. She is now officially two months old and the sweetest thing ever. but then we are biased. Life has really turned around for us but we are loving it. Hopefully I'll get back into updating more often now with news of her. Anyway I'll leave you with a small image of her.


Dreams and stuff

Well I am now almost 33 weeks pregnant and had been told all about the strange and disturbing dreams that you can start having being pregnant. I haven't had them, just bizarre things that i am dreaming about. Last night I was in an episode of Sesame Street. I mean I know I am Elmo obsessed but actually be in an episode was a bit bizarre. We had to try and find our way back to Sesame Street from a swampland without using a map.

Apart from that pregnancy is going well. I wake many times during the night, yes, and child kicks like nobodies business but I can't wait for December.

I have two new programmes that I am really liking this year. I love Lipstick Jungle and Fringe. I do find Fringe rather strange but it grabs you and keeps you in the story so well. And Lipstick Jungle is just amazing.


It's been way too long and meme

I can't believe that it has been 24 weeks since I last updated my journal. How bad is that? I have been really busy mind you so i hope that you will all let me off with it. I am also pregnant and was very ill at the beginning of it so that is another excuse. Pathetic i know. But happily I am now entering my third trimester and am sailing through now. Only three months to go and I can't wait. We have no clue as to what baby will be although i have been told by many people that they think it is a boy. I don't mind what he/she/it becomes I am just so excited about it. Just another child to add to the already overrun house of children. This one is not going to be leaving at the end of the day mind you.

Hope everyone is well. kcohen had this meme and I thought I'd like it too. She gave me the letter A.

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

1:- Addison Montgomery (Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice) - She is one of my favourite characters on tv at the moment. She is just so beautiful, has great style and got to kiss McDreamy and McSteamy(I'd rather forget about Alex)

2:- Abby Lockhart (ER) - Abby has been my favourite character in ER since she started in it all those years ago. I am desperate to see the new season to see if she survived or not. She is strong minded and willed which I like.
(Don't have a pic of her on my comp, that is bad)

3:- Alex Ryan (McLeods Daughters)- He is a hunk, and he has just died in McLeods Daughters which makes me sad. Not much more to say about him.

4:- Amanda Holden (Army Wives) - She was only in Army Wives one season before being tragically killed but I thought she was a really great character. Young, strong minded, beautiful. So sad she isn't there any more.

(Again no pic - Sorry, thought I had one)

5:- Does Agent Fox Mulder count. I believe he should, even though it is his job title not his name that begins with A. I loved him from the beginning right the way through and have yet to see the new movie (Pregnancy doesn't allow me to sit in the cinema for too long)

If anyone wants to to it post me a comment.


Happy Birthday

Big Birthday wishes winging there way to KCohen. happy Birthday.

I also hope that everyone is having a happy easter too.